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Working in IT as a day-job, but always having an interest in the two Ms… motorcycles and (good) meat. In order to get a break from the daily grind, decided to start MeatandGrease and grind something “physical”.

MeatandGrease is place/platform that we will use to share the experiences in building custom motorcycles while the BBQ is smoking hot.

Our biggest goal is to build caferacer/scrambler style, customised motorcycles without taking much concern in the general “rules”. As we build more motorcycles, have more fun & eat more good meat, we are constantly learning. We are always looking for the best way to build a clean bike that runs well and looks great.


Stay tuned and follow us on instagram or facebook in our crazy adventure.

If you want to support us to buy some more tools ( no tools, no glory ), please visit our little shop and buy a crazy t-shirt!

Thanks for reading!


Meat and Grease, Antwerp, Belgium


Want us to rebuild your bike?
Want us to build you a bike?
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+32 498 621994(Paul)
+32 486 890535 (Robert)

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please make an appointment before coming!

Meat and Grease is a part of Maatmakers BVBA
BTW BE 0687 660 120



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